Friday, July 31, 2009

Is It Time Already???

Am I growing up? At the tender age of 27??? I never thought this day would come. Maybe it's just a fluke, or hormones, or laziness? I have not wanted to go out all week, and yes, I am writing a post for my blog on a Friday night!!! Eeeeeek! What the heck has gotten into me? Well, let's see, I can tell you one thing...I sure am getting sick and tired of the "bar scene" especially around here. I'm starting to see the same people out(most I don't even know), do the same thing, and feel the same way the next day, hungover! Yes I have to admit, it's very fun, especially since I tend to be a bit on the crazy and wild side when it comes to partying (you didn't hear that from me though). But honestly, I think after a decade or so of partying I might be ready to slow my roll a bit. Mom would be so proud ;). Most people had this epiphany when they were out of college, you know, 23 or 24. Not me! Maybe going through a divorce shot be back into the college era style of living, or maybe that's just my excuse.
On another note, I haven't really wanted to go out because getting all "dolled up" seems like such a chore lately. I pride myself on getting ready pretty fast, 30 minutes done. Now I just want to chill at home with my wet hair and make-up free face! Is that so bad? Is it just summer or am I turning into one of those women who just stops caring about their looks? With that attitude you would think I have three kids and a husband running around here, nope, just me and the cat. (By the way, I'm pretty sure this is just a phase and I will always try and look my best, or at least descent, it's in my blood, and I don't mean that in a conceded kind of way.) I used to love to have cute and new outfits to wear out, they made me feel good! I have not been buying or wearing any cute and new outfits for awhile now. Money saver? :)
Maybe it's time to grow up. Maybe I need to keep this change of lifestyle business around. This last week I stayed in every night and read books(OK I had two beers one night, but it doesn't count because it was just a bad date, still trying to block it out of my head). I hear some of you snickering as you read this, yes I read books all week. And it felt great!
I think this new adult way of life is something I should definitely stick with. I knew the day was coming, I just didn't think it'd be so soon! I'm still just a single divorcee living alone in a small town! I guess I will just have to trust The Man Upstairs, fate, and a lil luck to guide me through this life of mine. After all, it's pretty hard to meet somebody when you have your nose in a book all night!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My First Day As a Mom!

Ok, so my niece just turned 2 last month, and she is about as cute and charismatic as they come. Today I had the opportunity to watch her ALL day, and boy did I jump at that! Our day started a little iffy...Grammy met me in CR, which is half-way for us. Elle is quite fond of her grammy and didn't exactly want to get in the car with Aunt Jenny. We quickly recovered from tears by playing, what else, Dido! It was all smiles from there. She was really excited to see "Kitty", my cat of many names, who she really hasn't seen since she was just a baby. We had fun chasing that cat all over the house, with Elle yelling "KIITTTYYY!!!" while trying so hard to just get a quick pat on the head for him.
Next up, our trip to Target to get a toy! Come on, I'm her only Aunt and I'm going to spoil the crap out of her :) I was a little nervous toting her around in the cart, you have to understand, I am a total rookie at this stuff! She was happy as a lamb after our $1 bin scavenging, we found some weird squishy monster and some plastic magnetic letters. Off to the toy department...pretty fun, but kinda sad I couldn't really afford the $40 plastic guitar she was mesmerized by. But no tears, no pouting, no meltdowns!!! Mission accomplished. And our grand total= $2.12. Wow, 2 year olds are truly easily amused :)
I took a shot at toting her out to the carousel, which is right next to Target. Oh boy, her eyes lit up like fireworks! She was ready to get on that thing and get on now! So here I am carrying my lil tike, my over-stuffed purse, her beloved bear, and our Target purchases while trying desperately to find the cash in my wallet. I knew if I let her down she would havebe shot over to that thing faster than a speeding bullet. After my struggle, I managed to find a $5 bill and quickly got change in quarters for the ride. So, here we are in line ready to go! But wait...what's this token sign I see? Oh geez you have to get a freakin token to ride the carousel. Ok, struggling once more I manage to find another $5 and so then must purchase 5 tokens, we onlyCheck Spelling needed ONE! Ahh, so really the carousel ended up costing 5 bucks, but hey, it was worth it. Elle was almost screaming for them to start the damn thing! Made me smile to see her so happy :)
The rest of our day adventure was pretty low-key, coloring, watched some toons, had some lunch, more of cat-chasing. I hope I get to have more days like this with my little side-kick sweetheart. Ahh, the joys of

Inside out, and upside down?

Times, they are a changing! When I look back even 5 years ago, wow, sooo much has changed in my life. I had just met my future-husband, was getting started in nursing school, and pretty much having a great time in life. After a few years of dating, my now-ex and I got married, and at the same time I had graduated nursing school. Great, right?! Hmmm, maybe not so great. Long story made short, three years later we got a divorce. I was quite unhappy during that time, and often caught myself daydreaming of the single life. Well, now I have it! And guess what? It's not that freakin great either. Which brings me to this...what is ever going to make me happy??? I feel like I've been through enough relationships, hardships, and all those other ships that I deserve to be happy. Then I realized the hard truth...only I can make myself happy. Then maybe later on someone could join me and we could be happy together. There, I said it. I have to be happy with myself before anyone else can make me happy.