Monday, August 31, 2009


I have lived in my home for over six years now, minus a year and a half in the miserably humid city of Houston, TX. Although we bought it brand new, I feel like it's time for a bit of an update, or actually, a major overhaul. Contractors tend to make everything pretty plain jane in the many condos and town homes that fill this small town I call home. Builder's beige in the rule of thumb! I prefer a more contemporary look, as anyone who knows me or my family would surely agree. I have enjoyed living here over the years, and obviously my pets have done the same...but of course you would never know that by the looks of the carpet (note major sarcasm here).

I had a carpet cleaning company do some estimates a few months back. What I saw through the eye-opening and jaw-dropping black light was enough to make my skin crawl. But we won't get into that for the sake of any future visitors I may have :). He recommended that I skip the cleaning and get new carpet all together. I'm not really a fan of carpet anyways, so I thought it would be great to put hard wood or laminate flooring in. This way spills and "such" are easily cleaned up, and I know exactly what is contained in and on my floors. We decided to to go with a dark walnut laminate floor with plush modern carpet in the bedrooms. I cannot express to you how excited I am to have my talented and loving father install this for me!

Other changes in store include painting all of the oak cabinetry in a modern Chicago Black. I'm going to change out any lingering gold hardware, including all the door knobs, replace the faucets with modern ones, install a new ceiling fan. Finally, we are going to paint the oak doors and closets to match the walls, a lovely shade of osyter white. Doesn't seem like too much work, but I know I'll be singing a different tune when we start this super fun little project. Thank God for my mom, she's a pro in the decor world and also one hell of a painter!

I'm excited to give my place a face lift, not only because it will look a lot more chic, but because I have been through a lot in this space and would truly enjoy a totally different look. After all, I am in such a drastically different place in life, why not make my home to match? Watch out world, one sweet bachelorette pad is in the works!

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